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I'm a sucker...

...For all El-looking moulds. 
I like Els, breakaways and Lishies (♡´◡`♡)

In fact, I love them so much my crew is made out of 2 Els, a Breakaway and a Lishie. 

As I'm considering a female doll now, my mind keeps going back to a female Breakaway or a Lishie... 
But that would mean I have more twins D8 
It feels like my crew is slowly becoming a House of Twins. (=___=)||| And it's something I want to avoid. 

I want at least TWO 1/3 females ;A; I've already settled on my grail female doll, but I'm sitting on the 2nd one. 
I just hope Volks doesn't spring a "OMGINEEDYOU" male 1/3 doll anytime soon (;___;) 

...On the same note, I think I'm also a sucker for DOD moulds. 
I wonder why they aren't really popular though :/ 
For me, personally after a bad experience with DOD's quality, I'm always having second thoughts on purchasing a 2nd doll from them, but GAHHH all the prettiness! \(*Д*)/

I think it's funny, how years ago I never wanted a female doll, but recently all I want is a female doll hhaha (.__.)|| 
Ahhh..Life works in mysterious ways... 

To make this not a totally pointless entry... :

I miss this kid (;___;) 
I may just get another doll for this character (;__;) 

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