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10 May 2012 @ 04:17 pm
doll meet at TCC (may)  

Went to a doll meet the other day~
It's been a long time since I've been to one! 

There were so many nice people and beautiful dolls! 
We had over 50+ dolls that day! (*__*)

Who I brought:




Dolls I absolute loved: 

Jael's pretty lady!

I think my boy Kayden is smitten! 
Look at him trying to flirt, but Estella is giving him the cold shoulder haha: 


The boy doesn't give up haha! 

Catherine's Bona-fide hunk!

suke33's dashing prince

Jace's lovely cutie!

Fumiyo's beauty! 

Amanda's awesome boy!

Arion's sweet princess! 

More pics here on Facebook! 

I will had a good time! (>w<) 
We also went to dinner after that~ yummers! 
I haven't been in the doll scene for a long time so I was worried I wouldn't make many friends haha. But everyone was really nice! Thanks so much! 

Feels good to get out of my hermit cave one in while haha! 

Also thanks suke33 for organising! 

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