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24 April 2012 @ 03:18 am
{MonsteR CarnivaL}  

I've decided to use my LiveJournal account to post all BJD-related happenings here! (`・ω・´)
Including stories, photos, sales etc. 

Initially I wanted to start a new LJ account but I realised, crap, I have joined a lot of communities over the years and it would be a pain to re-watch/join! 

I am a cosplayer as well and you can find me at the following places:

{ F I N D  M E}

To introduce everyone to my crew, go under the LJ-cut! 


Tatsuya (DOT Homme ducan)

Kaya (LUTS CP Dreaming Lishie boy hybrid)

Hikaru (SNG Hyul 1st edition limited Shine)

Kayden (LUTS CP Breakaway '08 mod limited hybrid)

Takeshi (Crobidoll Lance hybrid)

Kaito (LUTS CP El hybrid)

Katsuro (LUTS CP Dreaming el)

Chie (Rosen Lied Beige)

Naoki (Volks White Rabbit)

❚ Waiting...

Lucien (Volks School A mod)
DOT T.Shall
Rosen Lied Poppy
Rosen Lied Sage
Rosen Lied Clover

❚ The past

SM Heliot
Kdoll Karon
Crobidoll Yeon-ho
Volks Chika
Soom Glot
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